The transport sector accounts for 49% of PM10 emissions In Italy and two thirds of it comes from road traffic.

it so then ever more pressing to find alternatives to internal combustion engines to satisfy mobility demand. Luckily, technological progress already gives opportunity to reduce fumes. Electric vehicles are an excellent starting point: not only air polluting is reduced , but also efficiency and noise pollution improve markedly.

One of the main bottlenecks to widespread adoption of electric cars is the lack of infrastructure to service and recharge vehicles. Fast charge stations that could offer comparable standard to ordinary gas stations in terms of speed and ease of charge are a key requirement that could spur demand.

The Italian government, recognising the need for such infrastructure, has mandated local authorities to install electric cars charging stations in their jurisdiction. This puts a financial obligation onto local councils already strained for resources, thus markedly slowing the installation of new charge stations and thence hindering the adoption of a desirable new technology.

Evbility is a startup born in 2013 that aims to play key role in sustainable mobility market, has started a project to provide a solution to the issue: offering ad-supported fast charge station installation and maintenance.

EVbility offers to set up and install fast charge stations for free in public spaces and high traffic locations in exchange for outdoor advertising space on site. Installation and maintenance costs are paid by the sales of outdoor advertising slots, visible to both pedestrians and by customers recharging their vehicles. Electric car owners can rely on a state of the art network of locations where they can charge their batteries at a small fraction of the cost of a tank fill and at comparable speed. Companies placing ads enjoy access to a ready audience in high passage locations and customizable ad formats.

There are three active stations, Quiick charging (22 kW) electric vehicles