I was born on planet Earth and I plan to spend few more years here.

On my current stay I got a degree in Aerospace Engineering, a master in Space Engineering, a Ph.D. in Advanced Space Propulsion. And to make things more confusing, I also got a Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability degree in Italy and a Certificate in Business Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley. I spent about a year in Oklahoma (US) applying nanotechnologies to space propellant and another year in California... mainly studying, surfing, networking, working at NASA Ames and eating marvellous fried calamari in Santa Cruz.

I started my first company during my PhD in order to be able to pay for my apartment's rent: IRTA is still there, offering unique and incredible services based on ultra-fast cameras and special flying drones to record and monitor basically everything, from high speed to ultra-slow phenomena.

In 2008 I applied for the European Astronaut Corp, together with about 10'000 other willing-to-be space travellers. After few months we were 192, and my selection stopped there. But space was still calling, and the opportunity given by commercial exploitation of space became my opportunity.

Thanks to a Fulbright BEST scholarship I flew in Silicon Valley to learn how to create a successful company in the space commercial business. At that time only few geeks were seriously worried by Space Debris... but every Embryonic Space Traveller knows that space debris is equal problems for travellers: higher costs, higher risks and less opportunities! I decided to take dedicate some time while I'm here to give my contribution to solve the problem and deliver some interesting benefits to space industry's players.

A year later I came back in Europe. In 2011 a bunch of visionary guys and I got some money from a European VC and D-Orbit was born: In two year we built and tested a fully functional demonstrator and launched in orbit the "brain" of our smart propulsive technology that is installed on satellites before launch and is able to properly decommission the satellite at the end of life, in a quick, safe and controlled way.

Now I'm packing my luggages, I feel the trip in space is approaching. Do you want to join me?