AQAFINS: The first fins inspired by the fish cartilage - Innovative design & materials for better performance. (

Hi, we're Giulio and Simone and we want to offer you a completely new way to live your water experience, in particular if you are a freediver... but also if you are a passionate of the sea using fins to dive or snorkel.

First of all, a short introduction about ourselves and our backgrounds.

Giulio ( freediver, journalist and curator with a background in physics & a great passion for outdoor sports. He is also an Apnea Academy instructor since 2008.

Simone (, a life spent in composite industry and innovation; New Technologies & Quality Manager at Azimut Yachts, luxury yachts world's leader, he has developed composite's new applications in sporting goods.

When passion meets technology!

We have designed and developed revolutionary tricomposite fins, inspired by the fish cartilage. Our blades are innovative for:

- idea & performances: to make more distance with less effort

- materials: the finest mix of carbon, fiberglass and kevlar

- design: a new construction & profile for a better progressive flexion of the blades

- robustness: the most robust fiber blades ever!

Keep calm and feel the power at your feet.

AQAfins are more flexible and less nervous than carbon fins. Our blades allow top relax: the best freediving attitude.

All is made by a no-emission process, under-vacuum to achieve a perfect combination of weight, flexibility and performance.

Each pair of fins is personalized & unique!

We can print your name, nickname or a short text on your fins. You can choose the color (green, yellow and blue) and fit our blades in your foot pockets or get Pathos model fitted from us.

AQAfins blades fits to most foot pockets models of every main producers, e.g. Mako, Mares, Omer, Spora, Pathos.....

Come on board!

We're looking for people that want to represent AQAfins in every country of the world or want to be co-founders of our company. So, if you want to be part of the team, contact us and we'll be happy to join your effort.


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